Audio-Book Reviews:

The Truth about Stories: A Native Narrative (CD)

The Massey Lecture Series “The Truth About Stories” by Thomas King is absolutely perfect. Although the book renders the essays more accessible, the auditory experience allows the listener to hear the words in the way they were intended, orally. For as we all know, Aboriginal people began with an oral tradition and clearly King is drawing his strength in these lectures from that tradition.

King’s eloquence as a speaker amplifies his message and challenges those who question the abilities of Aboriginal people in ways that words on a page simply cannot. If one has difficulty with the ideas in a book, it can simply be put away, but the command that King takes of his audience in these lectures is simply inescapable.

Although a rudimentary knowledge of Aboriginal history in North America would amplify the listener’s experience and appreciation for the brilliance of Thomas King as a speaker and a story teller, it would not be completely lost on those who do not. I suspect it would actually inspire those listeners to learn more.

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